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Aftermarket Domain

A Registered Domain Name offered for Sale or Lease in the Secondary Market.



Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

The “Country Code” category of Top Level Domains [Extensions] in use in the DNS and maintained by IANA. For example, .us (U.S.), .mx (Mexico), and .ca (Canada) are 3 of the many ccTLDs in use today.



Domain Name System (DNS)

A hierarchical distributed Naming System for resources that are connected to the public Internet or to private networks. It facilitates the act of locating computer devices and services worldwide by translating Domain Names to their numerical IP Addresses.



Exact Match Domain (EMD)

A Domain Name that is the Exact Match of a particular Keyword or Key Phrase without any dashes. For example, and are two examples of EMDs.



Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD)

The “Generic” category of Top Level Domains [Extensions] in use in the DNS and maintained by IANA. For example, .com, (Commercial) .net (Network) and .org (Organization) are 3 of the many gTLDs in use today.



Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

A department of ICANN which is also managed by ICANN that, among other things, administers the data in the Root Name Servers which form the top of the hierarchical DNS structure.


Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

A non profit organization that, among other things, coordinates the Internet’s global DNS and the numbering system for IP Addresses.


Internet Protocol Address (IP Address)

A numerical label assigned to devices in a Computer Network that use the Internet Protocol for communicating. It is used for Host or Network Interface indentifying and Location addressing. There are two types of IP Addresses: Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4), which have 32 bit numbers and Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) which have 128 bit numbers.




The individual or the party that Registers a domain name from a Registrar.



An ICANN accredited company that offers individuals or parties the ability to Register one or more TLDs [Extensions]. For example, is a Registrar.



The act of Registering a Domain Name from a Registrar for personal or business use.



Top Level Domain (TLD)

One of the Domains at the highest level in the hierarchical DNS. A TLD is a direct Subdomain of the DNS Root Zone. For example, .com is the TLD of “”. There are currently 4 Groups of TLDs: 1. gTLDs (Unsponsored gTLDs) and sTLDs (Sponsored gTLDs) 2. ccTLDs 3. IDN ccTLDs (Internationalized ccTLDs) 4. Infrastructure TLDs.


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