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What is a Domain Name?

In business terms, a Domain Name is a “Global Digital Address” while, in contrast, a Physical Storefront is a “Local Physical Address”.  In either case, it is all about “Location, Location, Location”.

Just as the success of a Physical Address is dependent upon how much “Foot Traffic” it generates, likewise, the success of a Digital Address is dependent on how many “Online Visitors” it attracts.

The most obvious advantage of a Digital Address over a Physical Address is its enhanced Local, National and International Traffic Reach.


What is a “Premium” Domain Name?

A Premium Domain Name typically falls into one of two Categories. The first category includes “Descriptive” Domain Names. This includes Domains made up of Generic, Exact Match, Keywords or Key-phrases (i.e., “Cars”, “Used Cars” or “Cheap Used Cars”…).

The second category includes “Brand-able” Domain Names made up of Short, Brand-able and Easy to Remember Real or Made-Up words (i.e., “Google”, “Bing”, “Yahoo”…).

The most sought after Premium Domain Names have the three following characteristics – they are Short (one or two words), Catchy (Brand-able) and Memorable (Easy to Type) and (Easy to Promote).


What are the Benefits of using a Premium Domain Name?

Businesses that spend any amount of resources on Traditional or Online Marketing (i.e., Advertising and Branding) automatically benefit from using a Premium Domain Name.

The specific benefits include Free Local, National and Global Exposure, instant Organic SEO Enhancements and subsequent Savings on recurring Marketing Expenditures.

In addition, a Relevant, Keyword-Rich, Domain Name helps create Instant Credibility among potential consumers which, in turn, converts to Consumer Confidence and long term Consumer Loyalty. Ultimately, the Right Domain Name allows for Instant Market Entry and Long Term Market Dominance.


What are the Best Domain Name Extensions?

For doing business in the United States and Internationally, “Generic Top Level Domains” gTLDs (i.e., .com, .net and .org) are generally recognized as the most popular Domain Name Extensions, with .com always being the most desired and most used.

For doing business within Countries outside of the United States, “Country Code Top Level Domains” ccTLDs (i.e., .mx, .de, .es …) are often preferred over gTLDs. This is especially true for Businesses wanting to cater to specific Markets with particular Regional products or services.


What are your Purchase, Lease and Partnership Opportunities?

We offer Affordable and Fexible Purchase, Lease and Partnership opportunities on all of our Premium Domain Names. Contact us to secure your very own Premium Domain Name today!


What are your Digital Brand Consulting Services?

We offer Digital Brand Consulting services to Individuals, Startups, Established Businesses and Nonprofits. Whether you’re Local, National or International and whether you’re a B2C or B2B we can help you successfully Find, Acquire, Manage and Use Premium Domain Names to help Create or Enhance your Brand and to help Reduce the Cost of your ongoing Marketing and Advertising efforts.


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